A new project for 2022. Charting a year in paintings of Hainault Road allotments, Chadwell Heath.

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wanstead cows

Meet Nina, Nutty and Goose, and Nuru, Nina and Quinine - the Longhorn cows that have graced Wanstead Park with their presence for the last two summers. Prints available - Go to 'Shop' and click on the prints link to my Etsy shop.

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00 Nuru Nina and Quinine Go To Wanstead

Bijou house portraits

Sketchy little house portraits in an 8"x10" mount for £45. Larger sizes available too.

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goats in gardens, sheep on roundabouts

Prints are available of the Llandudno goats and the playground sheep made famous during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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My illustrated book 'Common or Garden Cows' is a fun mixture of my cow paintings, text and anecdotes about the cows that used to wander around Wanstead, Woodford and other places adjoining Epping Forest in east London. 

Prints from the book are available too. For ordering details go to 'Shop', or to

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