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bricks & mortar

Highly detailed watercolour paintings of houses, shops, places of worship. If you would like to commission a house portrait please see 'Shop' for further information and prices.

House portrait with lawn.jpg
House portrait with magnolia.jpg
St Martin's Church Canterbury.jpg
Mill house portrait painting.jpg
House portrait painting pampas grass.jpg
14 May 2017 002.jpg
Vincent Square grounds 1mb.jpg
House portrait Westwood.jpg
Deer Park Braesnose College Cambridge.jpg
Period house portrait.jpg
House portrait painting detached.jpg
Wanstead High School.jpg
French house portrait.jpg
House portrait painting.jpg
Epping 1 shops.jpg
Loughton bungalow.jpg
Wanstead architecture 2012 017.jpg
Hemington house portrait.jpg
Christ Church Wanstead corrected.jpg
houses 01096.jpg
Wanstead House cool.jpg
Hermon Hill Wanstead.jpg
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